Lost and found items 

The security of Duo Shopping Centre is responsible for the lost and found items. 



+358 40 653 1113 

If the lost item is no longer in Duo, please contact Lost & Found International. 

Lost & Found International

+358 600 41 006


The recycling point for both waste and bottles is located next to the Hervannan valtaväylä entrance close to the customer toilet. Lidl bottle recycling is placed in front of the entrance of Lidl. 

You can recycle following items in Duo: 

  • bottles and cans 
  • tubular lambs 
  • small electronic devices 
  • batteries 
  • EL lamps 
  • LED lamps 

The closest recycling point for other waste can be found from Viininkankatu 42 B, Nekala (+358 3 240 5482). The recycling point is for hazardous waste, sorted utility waste, and large electricity and electronics waste. Read more about the opening hours from pjhoy.fi. 

Customer toilet 

The free-of-charge customer toilet is on the 1st floor of Duo near the Hervannan valtaväylä entrance. A childcare space can be found next to the customer toilet.